10 tips for successful narrowcasting in retail

Would you like to know how you can best use narrowcasting in your store? Take advantage of these tips:

1. Content is King
No matter how licked the presentation is,

no matter how state-of-the-art your equipment is, it offers no added value if the content is bad. Know what you want to communicate and what your goal is for you even starts thinking about the design.

2. Involve your staff
If your staff does not like the narrowcasting channel, it will find a way to sabotage it – consciously or unconsciously. The main reason for the failure of a project is often the disinterest of employees. So involve them actively in the implementation and let them submit ideas for the content. In the canteen you can install a special employee channel,
with news, information and special promotions for your staff.

3. Choose a strategic place for your screens
Hang your screens in a place where they are clearly visible without being in the way. Not too high, not behind propositions, not such that the customer has to take an unnatural attitude to see them (on the ceiling) and not so far away that they are no longer legible.

4. Place the offer physically near the screens
If you show an offer on your narrowcasting screen, place the product in question near the screen. In this way you stimulate impulse purchases optimally.

5. Refresh the content regularly
Ensure that the information provided is up-to-date and remains interesting. Beware of too much information: if people miss something it must be worth it to keep waiting.

6. Update – at lightning speed, if necessary
Choose a narrowcasting system that you can easily and quickly adjust. For example, based on the weather or based on the people who are currently in your store.

7. Choose an optimal mix
Choose a mix between offers, store information and other news items. Exchange this information so that your customers are served optimally and are not presented with a digital advertising brochure.

8. Measure the results
Make sure you can measure the results so that you can use your narrowcasting even better to improve the customer experience (and thus increase your turnover).

9. Sell airtime to your brands
Go to the table with representatives of the brands that you sell. They are undoubtedly interested in a spot on your narrowcasting platform. Extra exposure for them, extra income for you.

10. Choose a supplier that can grow with you
Of course you start small. To test and try. But if your narrowcasting activities are successful, you want to expand them. To more screens or to more locations. Choose a supplier that makes this easy.


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