3D holographic fan

Holographic LED fan solutions are particularly suitable for making a striking 3D and 2D view possible.
All indoor locations, such as reception halls and waiting areas within, for example, shops (small and medium sized businesses), hospitals and offices are ideal for spreading your message via the LED fan.

Due to the rotating operation of the LED strips it is possible, with a minimum of precisely placed LEDs, to project all forms of content and thus bring your information to the attention. All this with minimal consumption (environmentally friendly).

Confirmation of this lightweight is particularly easy. This can be freely suspended or on the wall, but also in other desired set-ups.
By using multiple LED fans (in a certain setup in relation to each other in master / slave function), different screen sizes and shapes can be put together with some overlap, whereby walls can be filled creatively. The high degree of transparency makes this LED solution a pleasure to look at and attracts a lot of attention.

The LED fan is a plug & play solution. This is standard delivered with an inverter, remote control and can also be operated via an application for tablet, smartphone, laptop and computer and can be easily controlled via WiFi. The holographic LED fan is currently only suitable for indoor use.



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