AIRTAME 2 – Wireless streaming

Now available via Digital Media Display Airtame 2

With Airtame you can effortlessly share the screen of your PC or laptop on an external display.

In addition, you can easily stream photos and other documents from your smartphone or tablet. The compact HDMI dongel works wirelessly via WiFi and is ideal for presentations at schools or companies.

Stream wireless presentations

Airtame makes wireless presentation easier than ever. Plug the device into the HDMI port of your TV or projector to display the screen of your computer or laptop (full screen mirroring). The big advantage: there is no cable involved! It is even possible to stream from one computer to multiple Airtames; ideal when you want to show the same content on multiple screens.

Digital signage

If you do not stream presentations, you can use your screen as a digital signage ‘wallboard’ to display information, images or websites. Think of KPIs, your company logo, Google Slides or a social media wall like Miappi. The wallboard is basically a web browser that runs on Airtame (connected to WiFi) and continues to work if you have switched off your laptop or computer.


Airtame app and AirPlay

Using the Airtame app you can share presentations from your smartphone or tablet. Via the app you can easily convert your slides to PDF and you can open them when you need them. Then you stream your presentations to the desired screen. Full screen mirroring of iOS devices via AirPlay is also an option; activate this funcite via the Cloud or via the app.

Easy to install and manage

The installation of the Airtame runs via WiFi and is completed in just 5 minutes. Conveniently, you can manage Airtame after installation via the Cloud. Monitoring, changing, updating or restarting several Airtames can be done remotely. Airtame is powered via the supplied power adapter, via your TV (with micro USB cable) or PoE.

Secured with pin code

Before you start streaming, you must first enter a 4-digit PIN code. This prevents users in another room from disrupting your presentation or by accidentally streaming to the wrong screen.

Stream to multiple screens

You can stream to multiple screens with Airtames with one computer. This is great for large spaces where multiple screens are set up.

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