Digital Signage is a very effective communication tool for hospitals and healthcare institutions that offers real-time updates.

Digital Signage displays change the way healthcare institutions communicate with staff and patients. Whether used for signposting or for displaying information about healthcare, digital displays provide hospitals with an opportunity to participate, communicate and ultimately improve the entire medical experience for a patient. Digital Signage can be displayed at various locations in a hospital or care institution, including lobbies, corridors, parking garages, canteens and waiting rooms.

Installing an Android ad display in a waiting room can reduce the observed waiting times for appointments, reducing the stress and anxiety that some patients may feel. Digital Signage screens can provide entertainment or entertainment for patients or visitors. See your Digital Signage as a modern and dynamic billboard, used to display vital health advice and public messages in an organized and dynamic way. Updating the screen can not be easier with the simple USB update method that can be performed by any member of staff, regardless of their level of IT knowledge. From integrating a live TV or social media feed to sharing messages, news and events. This kind of information can be focused on improving the overall experience in a waiting room.

Wayfinding is a major problem for health care. In most situations it is important that doctors, nurses and patients can navigate from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Hospitals can sometimes feel like a maze, even for those who work there. That is why Digital Signage of good quality is essential. Interactive displays such as PCAP touch screens with Dual OS in combination with our Touch CMS software can help guide users to their exact destination. Digital Signage is a very effective communication tool for hospitals and healthcare institutions, which offers real-time updates, prevents walls with messy posters, saves printing costs and reduces paper waste.

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