CMS (Content Management System)

Within the Digital Signage, content (which you see) is very important. This partly determines your success! For this we use a CMS. Creating, editing and managing the content can be done by us, yourself or a combination.

Our CMS is user-friendly and robust and has already proven successful in various branches (inter) nationally.


  • Continuous development, new releases, (security) patches, updates.
  • Flexible, usable in all branches.
  • Timetables, content display at times that you determine.
  • Service desk.
  • If you want to manage it yourself, you will receive your own username and password. From your web browser you can access your own environment and you can manage your CMS.


To enrich the content it can be supplemented with so-called widgets. Widgets are pre-programmed pieces of software that have a certain function. Below is a selection from our list of widgets.

  • Social media (including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yammer, Upstream).
  • Survey / Questionnaire.
  • (Photo) Slide show (slide show).
  • RSS feed.
  • Clock, Text, Weather Forecast …

Feel free to contact us for all your questions or to discuss the possibilities of the CMS (advice, design, management) and / or Widgets.

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