Digital Media Display is proud to cooperate with Hemlock Group BV. Through this strong combination, we transform the shopping experience of your retail store into an innovative store. From part projects to entire store transformations and concept stores.

From shop furnishing to interior construction

Hemlock is a dynamic, reliable company specialized in shopping and interior design. With a wide package of services and a diversity of our own facilities, such as design, concept development, project and facility management, engineering, production, transport, assembly and storage capacity, we can work with the client to create a complete custom-made package.

Shop interior

Create, realize and facilitate

The design for an efficient, tasteful design that fits your products requires craftsmanship. As well as routing, signage, furniture, color material, lighting. We offer expertise in this.



Interior construction

Innovative in traditional work

For years we combine experience and ‘old-fashioned’ craftsmanship with knowledge of the latest design programs. Our experienced furniture makers and fine woodworkers have extensive knowledge of materials and work with machines that perform every machining to a precision of 24 / 100th of a millimeter. This combination of the right people, materials and machines guarantees a high-quality end product that seamlessly fits your needs.



Serial projects, or custom-made?

Both are possible at Hemlock. Both series and concept-based shop interior as well as custom interior construction work! If desired, a combination of both within your project.







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