The digital LED poster is an all-in-one video display standard designed for commercial information display needs. The sleek, smart, durable and mobile design makes it a wonderful dynamic replacement for traditional roll-up banners or illuminated signs.

Breathtaking visual experience

High resolution
Wide viewing angles
Brightness: 1200nits, brightness adjustable
Refresh Rate up to 3840Hz
Rich color reproduction up to 16 bit

Multiple installation options

Provide various installation applications, LED-poster is easy to hang, mount on the wall, free to store on itself or to mount on a pedestal. All installations can be horizontal or horizontal.

Multiple play modes

Stand alone: ​​with built-in media player and storage drive, to play programs via WiFi, USB or ethernet. Can also use a third-party media player by connecting a PC, laptop via an HDMI cable. One poster is an independent player.

Multi-screens: Multi-LED posters can be used together as a large video wall connected via HDMI cables or wirelessly. The LED poster group can be used as extended mode or mirroring mode.

Mirror screens: copy the contents of a poster to simultaneously display on other posters. Posters are connected via HDMI cables or a WiFi router.

Wireless Mulit screens: to connect LED posters in a group with a wireless router. It can be played as mirror mode or extended mode.

Extensive screens: create multiple posters in a group; split and play a content on different screens.

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