The Mission of Digital Media Display is:

  1. Customer-focused.
  2. Delivering quality products.
  3. Product development. From the customer and / or market there is a demand for a certain product that is not there yet. We deliver customized solutions.
  4. We are a small innovative company, which enables us to switch flexibly and quickly. Through cooperation with partners we can offer integrated total solutions.
  5. A lot of technical IT know-how is present in the company. Years of experience have been gained in various sectors, sectors, companies and institutions. This knowledge and expertise are
  6. ncluded in the daily business activities.
  7. Our values ​​are openness and honesty and, together with partners and clients, each project is open-minded.

The Vision of Digital Media Display is:

  1. In a responsible manner, together with the right partners, while maintaining quality and service.
  2. In the longer term, also serving customers on the various other continents.
  3. We want satisfied customers, with whom we build a long-term relationship.
  4. We want to give honest advice. This means that deals are also lost to price fighters, but we are taking that for granted.
  5. Innovation is of paramount importance. We are an innovative company that can always offer the latest products (hardware and software).
  6. Together with our partners we want to offer integrated total solutions.

About Digital Media Display

Digital Media Display is an initiative of two entrepreneurs who believe in the many advantages of digital advertising in your hotel, restaurant, shop and other public places where your potential customers come and ideas for their next purchase.

Digital advertising or Digital Signage is a strongly emerging market. Many entrepreneurs begin to see the benefits. Together with the flexibility of this way of advertising, the convenience of our CMS and the high potential to attract more customers, the switch is made more and more often. No more printing, sending and posting, but uploading and publishing the campaign on all displays simultaneously. This saves not only a lot of time but also money.

Digital Media Display can advise you in the purchase of one of our many different displays, choosing the right content and supporting in the use of the different displays.

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