Android Advertisement Displays


Android Advertisement displays

Our Android advertisement displays can be used for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the many formats and the modern design of the displays, they are therefore suitable for any (indoor) room. Available as a wall mount from 19 inch to 55 inch and as a floor stand of 43 inch to 55 inch.

Free wall mount

Each advertisment display comes with a wall bracket to ensure that you have a complete digital signage solution in the box. Each screen comes with a slim mount, so you can install your screen both horizontally and horizontally. The holder offers a safe and beautiful finish to the wall.

Power Timer

The power timer allows you to assign daily or weekly on and off times to your screen. This allows you to decide when the display goes on and off and you are. This means you are more aware of the environment.

Designed for public areas

The Android advertisement displays are equipped with a high-quality LCD screen. This allows them to be continuously used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than 70,000 hours. They can be used in both landscape and portrait modes, have no buttons, controls, logos or branding and are much brighter than LCD screens. The display has a tempered glass surface, rounded corners and an aluminum housing with a super flat profile. These properties all contribute to the fascinating, tablet-like appearance of the display.



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  19 Inch Android Advertising Display PF19HD6
  22 Inch Android Advertising Display PF22HD6
  32 Inch Android Advertising Display PF32HD6
  43 Inch Android Advertising Display PF43HD6
  50 Inch Android Advertising Display PF50HD6
  55 Inch Android Advertising Display PF55HD6





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