(Ultra) High Brightness displays


Sunlight readable 2500cd / m² Android monitors directly in sunlight
ULTRA HIGH BRIGHTNESS displays – 2500CD / M²



Plug and Play

The professional High Brightness displays come with a built-in HD media player for Android, so you can update them with a USB memory stick. Load your photos and videos onto a USB memory stick and place it on the display, which will copy the files to the internal flash memory. As soon as you remove the memory stick, the screen starts with the continuous playback of the photos and videos.

Update via the Cloud

Updating your screens is extremely easy. Login to our CMS to upload media, manage playlists, create your own templates and schedule content for whenever you want; gives you complete control over your network. No special software installation or special PC is required, you can update your screens anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Advanced temperature control system

The internal air conditioning system allows the screens to be constantly used in an outward-facing window. Internal fans keep their panels and other internal components at the optimum operating temperature; ensure a long and reliable life of your screens.

Ultra-resistant to black

In direct sunlight, most LCD panels will overheat and will turn black on the panel. We use a special panel with ultra-high brightness that can withstand surface temperatures of up to 110˚C without a blackening error, making this number one for Digital Signage in shop windows.


Download PDF High Brightness

  32 Inch High Brightness Monitor HB32A3
  43 Inch High Brightness Monitor HB43A3
  47 Inch High Brightness Monitor HB47B
  55 Inch High Brightness Monitor HB55A2
  65 Inch High Brightness Monitor HB65A3

Download PDF Ultra High Brightness

  46 Inch Ultra High Brightness Monitor UHB46A
  55 Inch Ultra High Brightness Monitor UHB55A
  65 Inch Ultra High Brightness Monitor UHB65A





  • Available in sizes 46 - 65inch. Other sizes on request.

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