Hand Disinfectant Dispenser

Ideal for gyms, toilet areas, schools, beauty parlors, restaurants, offices etc.

Touch Displays

With the standing information display as eye-catcher in the lobby of your hotel, entrance of your store or hair salon, you attract attention
your customers.

Video Wall Narrow Bezel Displays

Super Narrow Bezel Matrix Solutions 49″ & 55″ LCD VIDEO WALL DISPLAYS   Built-in video matrix processor Our video window screens can be used independently or as part of a tiled video wall. If you need a video wall with a hassle-free installation, the units can automatically pan the video signal thanks to their built-in … Continued

Professional Monitors

Extra stand out with a video wall of 4 FHD LED displays with ultra thin bezel (edge), ideal for larger stores, office buildings, but also for hair salons, wellness & spa, beauty salons, catering etc.

(Ultra) High Brightness displays

Single display solution, ideal for hair salons, wellness & spa, beauty salon, catering industry etc.

Digital Menu Boards

If you already have a display or TV, then a CMS license + player is sufficient to start with Digital Signage!

Point of Sale (POS) displays

Ideal for trade fairs or in showrooms this 10inch display is on foot. Let your customers get to know your product in an interactive way.

Outdoor digital signage displays

Outdoor Digital Signage Displays Our Outdoor digital signage displays are waterproof, they have a high brightness display and can take a beating. The displays are available in 2 different versions, wall mount and free standing models. Wall mount example   Freestanding example   Both models are available in different sizes, the wall mount displays are … Continued

AIRxTOUCH window shopping

The AIRxTOUCH is the new way of window shopping. From now on, no more obstruction by double or triple glass. Thanks to the cameras in the bar that flawlessly register the position of your finger, you can now operate a shop window up to 3cm thick.

Lift & Learn Digital Signage

Lift & Learn Digital Signage this technology ensures that your customers interact with your products. When the customer lifts one of the products, all information about the lifted product appears on the display. This will give your customers more information about the product and will buy it faster. In this way they can also compare … Continued

Android Advertisement Displays

Android Advertisement displays Our Android advertisement displays can be used for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the many formats and the modern design of the displays, they are therefore suitable for any (indoor) room. Available as a wall mount from 19 inch to 55 inch and as a floor stand of 43 inch … Continued

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