Developing means advancing, making something new. Your company also wants to progress and we can help you with this.

Your company is unique and you want to show your product (s) and / or service (s) in a special way. First, you can already distinguish yourself using Digital Signage / Narrow casting. Very specifically approach your customers.

However, the most important thing is the content, the actual content that can be seen on the screen. Perhaps in combination with additional hardware. It must be an experience that your audience, passers-by or customers will not soon forget.

We can make custom software for you that exactly meets your requirements and wishes.

Ever heard of Augmented Reality (Animation images projected in the real world)?

  •     The customer enters your store and with the help of his / her smart phone they end up in a different world. You can combine products with the smart phone.
  •     Or a glasses-pass system. The customer stands in front of the screen and gets a certain virtual glasses, provided with all information, as desired. This allows you to give the customer a taste of your product without having to have a (large) store stock.
  •     Or a smart fitting room. The customer can virtually fit the clothing for a mirror screen.

Another option is a lift-and-learn system. The customer picks up your product and on the screen a video starts playing with specific information.

Future music or science fiction? You may think this does not apply to me. No, this is and will be the trend for retailers.

With custom software you get the information, at the exact time to the right person.

Discuss with us what you want and most likely there is a (customized) software solution behind it. The possibilities are limitless, but it starts with a good conversation about your requirements and wishes.

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