To make things clear, Digital Media Display has put together a number of starter packages that you can use immediately. These can also be purchased in a lease form.

Starter packages:

  1. Display incl. Player (+ CMS).
  2. Videowall incl. Player (+ CMS).
  3. Menu board incl. Player (+ CMS).

In the Digital Signage world (almost) everything is possible. We can put together all kinds of combinations of image, sound and / or light for you. We supply A-brand products and only work with partners who have already proven themselves in this sector.

Our method:

  1.     After we have received your request, we will contact you.
  2.     We discuss the possibilities and collect your wishes and requirements.
  3.     We can also make the content for you.
  4.     After this we come with a proposal.
  5.     After your approval, we order the solution.
  6.     We make an appointment for the delivery, assembly, installation and configuration of the solution.
  7.     Of course there is aftercare and you will receive our number for all the questions you still have and will have.

We are only satisfied when you are satisfied!

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